Sid Bernstein so much more than the Beatles, so glad I had the opportunity to call friend, me with with Rusted Root, yup I am bigger than then the band. Got to get my self back in shape. Music is so important! Rip Pete Seeger! My Mac Pro is sick, I need to do podcast soon on my Mac mini just not the same, my wind shield cracked so cold! Go look up Pete Seeger on YouTube


I’ve known this for a while, sort of realized it casually when I looked back at pictures of my depressed months/years and realized that in almost every one, at some point, I dyed my hair dark. And I guess I must have created some kind of subconscious or something with the darkness around my face…

I wish I could get more sun I feel better when my hair is lighter.


God that’s actually one of the scariest things for me to write or publish on the internet because for some reason it feels even more shameful and like you will judge me than anything about my weight. (Which I guess is an eating disorder win, right?!)

And I realized, as everyone is panicking…


my website give it alook all the photos are links by the way kind of cool’

My weekend

Edison (by Jaan H. Lutter)

Pete Seeger is one of the cooler cats I have met on my journey so far!

Hey some fun music and commentary!